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Naruto Shippuden Episode 499

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 499

"The Outcome of the Secret Mission"edit極秘任務の行方 (Gokuhi Ninmu no Yukue)Episode dataPrevious"The Last Mission"EpisodeNaruto: Shippūden #499 (Watch Online)Next"The Message"ArcKonoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a WeddingMusicOpening"Empty Heart"Ending"Absolutely"Air datesJapanese March 16, 2017English June 11, 2019"The Outcome of the Secret Mission" (極秘任務の行方, Gokuhi Ninmu no Yukue) is episode 499 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

Unable to decide which gifts would be objectively the best, Kakashi becomes overwhelmed and takes some time to mull over his options. Meanwhile, Iruka still hasn't decided on the right words for his video greeting to Naruto. Unsure what role he occupies in his former student's life, Iruka is unclear on what the tone and content of his message should be. Even though he hasn't been a prominent presence for a long time, Iruka playing an important role in the show's final episodes is fitting. Since he's the first supporting character to truly care about Naruto, having him reflect on the nature of their relationship is an interesting way to bring things full circle.

While Naruto Shippūden is no stranger to padding, a lot of the drama this week felt manufactured. Assuming there's no possible way Kakashi could have put a hold on mission deployment (admittedly, the village would still need guards on duty), it seems like a given that the couple's closest friends would get the day off and have their places on duty taken by shinobi with no personal connection to Naruto or Hinata. It's unclear why giving seven jonin a vacation day was such a big deal. It can't be impossible to arrange; they all had the day off at the same time during this episode. Also, since the bizarre law that served as the setup for the entire arc was put in place by the Fifth, there's no reason Kakashi couldn't have amended it or simply done away with it altogether in his capacity as Sixth, as Tsunade herself points out. I was willing to overlook these things when the tone was purely comedic, but now that this arc wants to take itself seriously, the problems with the narrative bear mentioning.

It's going to be a bittersweet experience for the Naruto Shippuden fans because of its finale and the upcoming new series, "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations" that is about to begin in a few weeks. Check out the recap of the last few episodes.

The previous episodes of "Naruto Shippuden" talked about the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. It can be recalled that in episode 497, everyone is looking for the perfect gift for the couple including Gaara who is trying hard to look for the best gift. He then realized that his presence as a friend is already a good gift for them but it was not revealed if he plans to give something else.

Episode 498 is another quest for the perfect gift episode but here Kiba and Shino are on the run to look for their present for the soon to be a married couple. It's a good thing that they opted to buy the special wine upon the suggestion of Kurenai.

However, in the recent 499 episode, Ikura still can't decide if he will give a congratulatory message to Naruto and Hinata. It was also here that Hinata was dismayed because she learned that some of the invited guests might not be able to come.

According to Droid Report, the Weekly Shonen Jump on their last episode provided a hint that Naruto Shippuden will end on March 23. Although there was no confirmation, the key indicator suggests that indeed, it will. The article reports that Comicbook mentioned that the rivalry of Naruto nd Sasuke has already ended. This made Team 7 to finally reunite after being apart for several years.

Also, the "Naruto: Konoha Hiden" was aired previously with its final episode centered on Iruka's message to Naruto. Lastly, Swimy the popular rock band uploaded a preview of Naruto Shippuden's final theme song as mentioned in Traveler's Today. 59ce067264


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