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Bedtime Stories - Tales from Our Commmunity

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male seeking woman legal 21+ for bdsm relationship looking for someone into lots of rough sex and many kinks including pain bondage exhibitionism and more i will need almost 100% control over you including what you eat how you dress and so on you would be my sub then slave then cow then maybe breeder if i could trust you who knows what would happen

As a lead in, the relationship between my wife and I has had lite/medium bondage, D/s, exhibitionism in it from the first time we had sex and it's been out there for 5yrs. The last 6 months she's even been asking me about having her get a discrete kanji tattoo that says, 'slave.'

After a few hours of this i am completely broken, my eyes are glazed over and empty and my body is constantly spasming and trembling. the writing on my body is touched up so that it is clear to see and easy to read and i am fitted with a new collar that say "dog slave" on it. A leash attached and i am dragged through the mud of the courtyard because i can barely move my body let alone walk back to the platform in the eating area. I am told it is supper time and i must once again provide entertainment. This time it's not with the guards but with all the guard dogs of the prison!!!!! Even in my broken state my eyes showed fear and i started to plea for mercy when the warden zaps me long and hard with a cattle prod! My eyes shoot out of head and i scream so loud no sound comes out as i shake with pain and pee myself right there on the platform in front of everyone!!!! The warden speaks to me only to say "you are a dog, you will only bark like one and you will be mated liked one. Now should me how a true bitch begs to be mated while you clean your mess with your tongue!!!" If i had any shred of humanity or dignity left then it is completely destroy in that moment as i lean down with my bare ass high in the air and start to bark seductive and desperately while liking my pee off the dirty platform floor. From that point on i was only allowed to bark and failure to do so would be met with another hard shock from the cattle prod. Everyone cheered as the guard dogs took me one after the other while i barked and grunted on their huge doggie cocks. The roughness and rawness of these large dogs bred to fight off the most vicious criminals in the worst conditions is beyond anything imaginable. The hard trusts sent my little body reeling in every direction. Every dog without exception was make to knot me and every time their cocks ripped trough my cervix and filled my womb with their hot sperm! These dogs were huge and their knots enormous so once inside me i was completely stuck for however long i was knotted. To the delight of the audience once the dogs had filled me up and were well knotted in me the guards would call the dogs to them or throw treats around causing the dogs to run around and drag me behind them like a rag doll as i screamed and screamed. Because of the knotting and games this went on for quite a long time. Eventually they start bringing the dogs in groups of three having one take and knot my pussy, another knots my ass and the other is forced into my throat so his knot is stuck in my mouth!!!!! The crowed enjoyed this to no end especially when the guards had the dogs run in different directions tugging and ripping at my body as the pulled in different direction. The noise i made where completely inhuman like an animal begging fucked to death which i probably am at this point!!!! Once all the dogs were done with me i was placed on my knees in the middle of the platform, the dogs were all lined up and one by one they were brought to me to thank them for mating me by licking their asses and pushing my tongue dep inside as far as it could go! Most of the dogs also had to pee and when this was the case i was to take their cocks into my mouth and have them pee right down my throat!!! This part of the day does not go toward my performance review it is considered an obligation and i am made to endure until each and every dog is serviced.

On the third day after servicing the warden i am given to the cell block with the best behavior for the day. I am to be their slave and doe anything ... anything ... they order of me. If i hesitate even for a minute i am to be penetrated with the cattle prod and shocked from deep inside my body until i do what they ask anyway!! Usually i am made to cook and clean for them as well as bath them and worship their bodies and usually there is not a minute that goes by where there is not at least 1 or 2 cocks inside me!! at 8pm i am to be returned to the warden where i must thank him for the wonderful opportunity he gave me with this job by licking his feet and deep inside his ass. The warden then cums on the dirty floor and i am to worship and praise him out loud while licking up his sperm off the dirty floor.

I am so oversexed. I think about it 247 and not just off and on. Everywhere I go I want to relieve myself. I had a path to work which I walked every early morning. So I would pull my cock out and masturbate to porn while walking and then I'd have this spot where I would be so worked up I'd explode all over. Just the fact that someone could be walking the same path and almost catch me. It's exhilarating. Sometimes I would push it and edge myself until I was almost off the path to release. Sometimes I couldn't release till I was in a public washroom. I think of new ways to get off that excites me. Gagging deepthroat fucks,threesomes,light bondage,slave/master. I've got a bucket list but am having hard time filling it. Can't find that one adventurous girl that would do it all. Im so tempted to taste my own cum just because in my mind if I want a girl to swallow I should know what it tastes like. I'm bi curious but afraid to experiment. I sometimes have met randoms for jerk offs. Very dangerous but again so fuckin hot. Am I oversexed or not normal. I'm married and prowl or if I can't I have to masturbate 3-4 times a day.

I asked my friend if he planned on tying me up or anything, and to my surprise, he had gotten somethings specific for the occasion. He had bought an armbinder and a slave collar with a leash (even more surprising to me since I had NO IDEA he was into the whole bondage thing, and as I know I've never mentioned these things to him, I can't begin to imagine where he got the idea). So I stripped and he put them on me. The armbinder took a while as he really didn't know how to use the thing, but he finally managed. I've never worn one before either, so it was a new experience for everyone! (I fucking love that thing now...he let me keep it ^_^.) Sir Blushalot actually tried not to look as my friend tied me up, too. Fucking adorable!

So there's this teacher at my school. She's not that hot, skinny no tits decent ass at best, anyway over the last year I would jerk off to her, imaging her on my cock etc. well I kept imaging tying her up whipping her, shoving my dick in her ass, putting nipple clamps on her, making her gag on my dick, smacking her in the face. I then imagined tye her down and pour candle wax on her, then put her on a fucking machine, while I'm fucking in her ass, then shock a little bit. Tourturing her, making her my sex slave. Also imganied 5 Big Black cocks raping her, if anyone has good bondage movies so I can jerk it later haha

Britney started screaming as Melissa forced the vibrator into her slaves cunt, stretching her lips around it until it was buried to the hilt in her pussy. Melissa ignored the pleads form Britney to remove it and reached down to the remote of the beads, switching both the beads and the vibrator onto full power simultaneously, causing Britney to writhe in pleasure, pulling against her bonds as the vibrations pulsed through her body.

"God B, this is fantastic, you really can eat cunt well can't you slut. I bet you've done this hundreds of times before, haven't you. You're just a whore really, a cheap, dirty lesbian whore who likes nothing more than licking other girls pussies. Right, god that's good. I can feel my pussy tensing, can you, around your slutty tongue. I'm so close to cumming, are you I'm sure you are, but you better not cum yet slave. You aren't allowed to cum until I've had at least two orgasms, understand If you do, I'm going to get both strap-ons on at once, and fuck your ass with both of them together. That'll rip you apart, you don't want that do you"

"That's it slave, lick my asshole like the whore you are. You're enjoying this aren't you slut, enjoying tongue-fucking my ass. Well slave, I'm close again already, that's what you do to me, you make me want to cum again and again. I'm sure you're close, aren't you Well hold off for a while, once I've cum I've got a little surprise for you, so get to my ass and see that it's rimmed as well as you possibly can, then you'll get your reward."

"That's it slut, drink my pee, you want to don't you. You like watching me finger myself as I piss don't you. Well, it's time slave for us both to cum. Cum for me as I piss in your mouth, I'm gonna cum too, cum in your mouth again, so you can taste me again. Swallow my piss like the slut you are, then cum for your Mistress, CUM!"

When I first became a slave, 3 years ago, I thought, that I enjoyed bondage as much as I could. That has changed so much. When I first started I didn't crave it all the time. There's not a second of a day that I don't wish I was bound or even just had my collar on. I even now love to have pain inflicted on me. I have recently discovered my love for punching. 59ce067264


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