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Websites To Buy Movie Tickets


Movie ticket apps allow you to skip the worst parts of going to the movies (looking up movies, waiting in line to buy tickets and snacks) and jump straight to enjoying the best part (the movie itself, duh!).

While some people may argue that this process was part of the fun, the rest of us were pretty stoked when ticket-buying apps stepped in and streamlined the process. Now, you can buy luxury reserved-seating movie tickets for you and your friends to a Saturday night movie without even getting out of bed.

Atom (Free) is a well-rounded app. In addition to all of the features it offers, the user interface is beautiful and a pleasure to navigate. Current and upcoming movies are easy to see with large thumbnails, and you can easily scroll through the options and either watch trailers or purchase tickets. You can scroll or navigate through the menu to see upcoming movies, look for nearby theaters (or theaters anywhere), read the latest movie news and reviews, and see special events in your area. Trailers are also available for current and upcoming movies within the app.

By far, the biggest advantage Fandango has over Atom is that not only does it let you connect your existing theater loyalty programs to the app, but it also offers its own reward for loyal VIP users. You earn 125 points for each movie ticket you purchase, and when you get 500, that converts into a $5 reward you can use towards a future ticket. Fandango lets you cancel ticket purchases up until the showing, whereas Atom gives you a 30-minutes prior cutoff.

Otherwise, Fandango is a terrific app, especially if the main thing you care about is loyalty rewards. The app is easy to use (though it lags and has minor glitches on occasion) and makes it easy to watch trailers, find theaters, and buy movie tickets wherever you are.

Going to the movie theaters is a fun and enjoyable event. Unfortunately standing in line to purchase movie tickets can take forever. You may have to rush to get your snacks and lose out on getting good seats. A popular movie might even sell out before you get there and totally ruin your night. The best bet to avoid these kinds of problems is to purchase movie tickets online ahead of time.

Call and ask the theater about ticket discounts or check Fandango online. Matinees, senior discounts, and student discounts can help you shave a couple dollars off ticket prices, making a trip to the movies less of a financial burden.

14. Check for Specialty DiscountsAre you a student or a senior Are you an AAA member or do you plan on purchasing stuff online You can snag discounted or even free movie tickets just by using the information that you already have. Tons of theaters offer discounts for both students and seniors, providing that you can show an ID when you purchase the tickets. You can get discounts based on your affiliation with certain associations. Fandango also offers programs for free and discounted tickets based on your online activity and purchases.

The technology to automatically navigate webpages is interesting, but this is something that will generally help only casual movie ticket buyers. If you have a theater's app installed, it probably already saves you most of these clicks and remembers your name, address, credit card, and the other basics. For now, the feature works only on a smartphone, the device where it's already easiest to buy movie tickets, but this technology makes it possible to buy tickets on something like a Google Home speaker, which normally would require a special voice app.

In our newly renovated Simons Theatre, moviegoers will enjoy comfortable, high-backed seats while watching films on a giant projection screen that is more than six stories high. Wrap-around digital surround completes this immersive experience!

Many attractions and venues are open in accordance with local government guidelines. Circumstances may have changed since publication; check attraction websites for current information and safety requirements.

Discounted tickets are subject to applicable taxes and service fees. Discounts only available to valid AAA members. Tickets may not be resold or transferred for commercial use. Purchase limits and other restrictions apply. Ticket pricing, features, and availability subject to change without notice. Offer may not be combined with any other ticket offer, discount, or promotion. All offers, events, tickets, age ranges, services, attractions, and entertainment may be seasonal and are subject to change without notice. is an online movie ticketing website founded by AMC Theatres and in 2000; CBS Corporation, Famous Players, and National Amusements all came on board prior to launch;[1] and it is now a subsidiary of Fandango Media. provides movie times for all theaters, and online ticket purchasing for all Clearview Cinemas and National Amusements theaters, among other smaller chains; such as Mann Theatres in Los Angeles. In 2010, sold over 16 million tickets for over 200 exhibitors, with 14,000 screens.[2]

In 2001, and entered in a partnership in 2001 that crosslinked their ticketing offerings. In 2004, became the exclusive online ticket vendor for[3] Then, in mid-2005, established a ticket distribution relationship with the consignment ticket reseller PrintTixUSA, adding 20 movie exhibition companies to its ranks and boosting the total number of screens serviced nationwide to more than 10,000.[4] Since then, however, had lost ground, losing sole rights to the AMC chain and Moviefone's telephone arm to rival Fandango.[citation needed]

In April 2016, reported it had provided advance ticketing services to 250 theater chains, representing over 50 percent of the top 100 grossing theaters in North America on any given weekend.[5]

In October 2017, Fandango Media purchased This purchase united the industry's two biggest online movie-ticketing services (Fandango's ticketing network spanned more than 33,000 screens worldwide;'s over 29,000, with significant overlap between the two, e.g., both companies sold tickets to both AMC and Regal Cinemas) and increased Fandango's global screen count by approximately 20%, to over 40,000 screens worldwide.[6][7]

Acquisitions and mergers of movie chains have complicated matters regarding which ticketing companies provide online ticketing for a particular theatre chain. lost the Hoyts theater chain when the latter was acquired by the Regal Entertainment Group theater chain, a founder of's rival online ticketing agency Fandango; however, when Regal acquired Consolidated Theatres,[8] the latter retained its contractual relationship with[9]

Prior to 2012, provided online ticketing for AMC Theatres except those cinemas originally part of the Loews Cineplex Entertainment chain, whose online ticketing is provided by Fandango due to contractual obligations in place prior to the 2005 merger of the two movie chains.[10] In 2002, Loews had attempted to break the contract under pressure of bankruptcy and from (then) AOL Moviefone and its partner, Loews' Cineplex subsidiary; Fandango successfully sued both Loews and Moviefone, and retained the Loews business.[11] Furthermore, as of February 8, 2012, Fandango began providing ticketing for non-Loews AMC Theatres in the US as well,[12] after which's fellow shareholders sued AMC for breach of contract.[13] AMC and settled in 2013, with an agreement that the theater chain's online ticketing would be available on both Fandango and[14]

The online purchasers were 2.1x more likely to buy concessions and (where applicable) 1.7x more likely to buy a meal compared to the at-theater ticket purchasers. In 2018, the study witnessed a 44% increase of moviegoers who bought online that watched films on a 2D premium screen format. 3D, Premium 3D, and IMAX also saw more moviegoers who purchased online. Yes, more moviegoers buying their tickets online are choosing reserved seating, recliners and premium seating with specificities according to the website they use. 60.4% of moviegoers who bought their ticket online had premium seats as opposed to 37.9% for those who bought their tickets at the cinema.

As noted in the study, online ticket buying has an impact on the theater chosen by moviegoers. Factors like showtimes, the movies being shown, the proximity of the theater, and the ticket price saw a minimal difference between online and offline ticketers. Comfort, which would include the type of seating, and reserved seating became major factors when selecting a theater to online ticket buyers. 28% of online ticket shoppers said they picked the theater because of reserved seating, while only 7.6% of those who bought at the theater listed that as a reason. 36% of moviegoers surveyed picked their theater because of comfort, compared to only 25.9% of offline buyers.

I also would argue that it offers further evidence to the notion that consumers are choosing theatrical moviegoing as an intentional, product-specific entertainment option. They are less likely than even a few years ago to just go to the movies just to go to the movies. As the notion of moviegoing as an impulse choice or a spur-of-the-moment/casual entertainment option declines in popularity, I expect to see a larger percentage of tickets reflected in online sales and reflected in premium offerings (IMAX, 3-D, Dolby Cinema, D-Box and general high-end multiplexes).

Credit card refunds processed through our Website or Mobile App can now be refunded through our Website! Please look for the refund link in your email confirmation. All other refunds and exchanges must be made in-person before your movie starts.

MoviePass, which at one point was responsible for buying about 6% of all movie tickets sold, remains popular, at least in concept. In an email, Spikes announced a prelaunch waitlist that would allow those who signed up to join the service on Labor Day. About 30,000 people registered within five minutes of the announcement, crashing the MoviePass website, according to Spikes. 59ce067264


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